See Gotham City

Ok, nerds, are we ready?

The boys are begging to see The Dark Knight Rises, but like The Avengers, Chuck and I plan to see it first and make the judgment call. I’m leaning towards a No, but that’s mainly because they weren’t allowed to see the previous Dark Knight. (Heath Ledger did too good a job playing the Joker and some of the film scenes are just too violent.)

Anyhoo, I’m totally excited to see it. Here’s hoping for a weekend matinee. Illustrators and designers are posting their comic artwork all over the net and, as a graphic nerd, I’m really digging the minimalist pieces.

Especially these faux travel posters:

{Artwork can be found here.}

Which reminds me – here is what I overheard at the lunch table yesterday:

Jeremy: “I can’t wait to grow up and be a professional football player and then open my own restaurant.”

Jackson: “Yeah, I can’t wait to grow up and be Ironman.”

Between Tony Stark and an NFL player, my retirement is looking pretty swell.

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