The Avengers take over Hogwarts

Jackson continues to have a deep love affair with the Avengers, especially since he’s accumulated most of the MarvelĀ Mini-Muggs. Today, all the do-gooders cornered a poor boy from Hogwarts. It was over before it even began.

Also, Jack lost his other front tooth. He’s all a-buzzing about what the Tooth Fairy will bring him. He’s crossed his fingers for the big bills.

After a procrastinating, I finally went through the homeschool stash from last year to pitch the worksheets and old notebooks. (By “pitch” I mean recycle.) I also ordered their math and science curriculum, along with pulling out materials I purchased last year for this year. We’ve re-upped with the local co-op and paid our annual dues to the umbrella school. I even found my old English and French copies of The Little Prince/Le Petit Prince.

And to think I was all intimidated by getting ready for the school year. I’m pretty much done.

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