Random Picture Day

In scrolling through previous photo uploads, I found a few that I meant to share and never did.

The first is one that Jeremy took of Chuck and me on my birthday. We finally have a child old enough to work the camera so we don’t have to do that extend-an-arm-and-snap-a-close-up thing anymore. Yay for older kids!

Next, we have a super cool webmaster living in the backyard.

This little fella has been around for more than a week now, and no matter what rain storm rolls through and tears down his web, the next day he has faithfully restrung it.

And finally, this is a photo I took a few weeks ago when the sky was casting down the most vibrant yellow tint I’ve ever seen. Truly, I didn’t Photoshop this image. Everything was yellow.

My first thought was of the movie War of the Worlds.

My next thought was of three-legged alien machines, so I snapped one more photo and ran inside.

Happy Weekend to you!

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