Michele arrives today!

I’m super duper excited about my former boss and best buddy from Amarillo coming for a visit this weekend. Having never been to East Tennessee or anywhere like it, I’m thrilled to show her every single one of my favorite spots in town and in the Smoky Mountains. She was born and raised in the open high plains of the Texas Panhandle, so I anticipate a little suffocation from all the trees and car sickness from the winding roads. It’ll be a blast!

Here is an example of us when we worked:

This is how we worked when no one was looking:

(Actually, that whole scenario can be seen on my previous blog. Hilarious!)

We really had a great time together. We worked hard and all, but man we laughed a lot. It was hard to say goodbye to Michele when we moved back to Tennessee. I still miss those mornings when we’d drag ourselves to the office and wake up over coffee and conversation.But she’s on her way now and I suspect we won’t get too much sleep because we’ve got a year and a half of living apart to catch up on. Plus there’s wine to drink.

Happy Weekend to you! Go Vols!

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