Halloween 2012

Jeremy’s choice of costume was entirely original this year, so after buying only a few accessories, the rest was imagination and improvisation. We were both so pleased with the result!

As for Jackson, he swore up and down that he wanted to be Spiderman for Halloween and not Ironman. Skeptically, I went along with it, but sure enough a few days ago Jackson looked all bummed and said, “I wish I’d picked Ironman. I just really love Tony Stark.” I assured him that he could be Ironman every day for the rest of the year but since we didn’t buy a full Ironman costume (he only has the mask), he ought to be Spiderman for Halloween. Jackson takes very little persuasion for anything, so he was quickly convinced. Of course, I’ll be eyeballing the clearance costumes this week for Ironman in his size.

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