The only problem with having plans every weekend in December is that they cause the month to go by too quickly.

We spent this weekend in Atlanta with my bestie and her family. I came home with more than 300 photos on my camera, which is insane on my part. After dedicating some storage space to engagement photos (see one example at the end), I blew the rest on Chato and the three boys. We took them to Legoland and then the Varsity for heart-stopping greasy food.

Miniature Atlanta: The Fox Theater in Legos

Miniature Falcons game:Falcons game in Legos

Chuck liked Legoland, too! Daddy builds

New Legos for two sweaty, happy boys: Lego Christmas

Post-Legoland:The three boys

The Varsity for lunch:Signage

With hats:The Varsity

The Amazing Chato:Sleeping Chato

The old men nap:the old men

I rarely take staged photos of anyone but my kiddos, so this was a real treat. This engagement shot is one of my favorites:
photo 7On our way back home from Atlanta yesterday we stopped at our favorite Christmas tree farm to chop down a tree. The thing is huge, and by huge I mean that I can’t reach the top of the tree even with a six-foot ladder. But more on that tomorrow. Right now there’s an episode of Homeland on the DVR and a treadmill waiting for me.

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