Not bored

You know how there are some days when there is little to do and you find yourself with free time to read a book, watch some television or lose eight hours on the internets?

And then there some days when there isn’t time to breathe or groom yourself or finish a sentence?

I’m in the second category this week, which is baffling since our homeschool co-op and zoo classes are over for the semester. We’ve had vet appointments, chiropractic appointments, errands, favors, freelance assignments, and – oh yeah – school. For whatever reason we’re going non-stop and I’m unable to keep my thoughts in order. How come all of a sudden Christmas is in two weeks?

Anyway, we are super duper ready for a break from school but I’m doing my best to keep going until that Friday before Christmas so I don’t feel pressured to start again right after New Years. When I say I need a break, I mean a good two (or three) week break from pencils that need sharpening, hard-pressed markers screeching across paper, and incessant moaning before a spelling test.

P.S. The Christmas tree is still in progress.


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