School? What school?

This right here…

Portrait of Major…is why we’ve hardly done any school work. This ankle-biting, attention-seeking, shoe-chewing little bundle of adorable sucks all the energy out of our house, so when he finally crashes to sleep in his crate, we finally get to do all the things we didn’t have a chance to do beforehand.

You know, like use the bathroom.

The boys and I adhere to a university-style schedule. Though we do language, reading, and math everyday, we do history and science twice, maybe three times per week. That’s on top of co-op and church activities, so we stay fairly busy altogether.

Since getting Major last Monday, we’ve accomplished about half of what we usually do and that’s making me entirely anxious. I need to figure out some time management solutions immediately or we’ll lose our momentum by mid-February, deterring us from finishing our curriculum by the end of April as planned.

Despite the amount of work this little guy has been, he has to be one of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen. This isn’t a blog post written out of regret. Rather, it’s written from a place of exasperation. He has so many needs, and then the boys have needs, and then there’s Salem and the house and commitments I’ve made. There are interviews to be done and dinner to make, and those towels have been sitting in the dryer for three days.

And suddenly Major’s up from his nap and whining to get out of his crate, while I’m still trying to scarf down my lunch…

You get the gist. Having a puppy really is like having a newborn, except you can’t crate a newborn. Thank goodness you can crate a puppy.

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  1. We also have a puppy – and boy, can I relate to what you’re saying about puppies being like newborns. LOL They really are a handful, aren’t they? But soooo worth the energy! 🙂

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