Major and Smokey

This is Chuck’s old Smokey stuffed animal. It mostly stays in Jackson’s room. When I saw it under the bed I remembered we also had one of Chuck’s old Tennessee t-shirts which Jackson has recently outgrown.

So then we played dress-up. Smokey and MajorMajor has gotten significantly bigger in the last two weeks. He has to be more than ten pounds now, and I’m happy to say his potty training is going well. He’s even stood by the door a few times to signal he has to go outside. The biting is still an issue, but our hope is losing his milk teeth will lessen that problem. He certainly doesn’t lack for chew toys.

PoseSunday night was horrific for Jeremy. Vomiting and other stomach activities raged on for hours. He couldn’t even keep down water. After a rough night with a fever, he rested most of yesterday. By last night he was able to keep down food. Today he seems fine but I can tell by his pale face that he’s worn and weak. Another day of rest might do him good.

Like the awesome cat he is, Salem kept Jeremy company in bed most of the day.


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  1. Love the photos – saw the one of the cat on the bed – mine also does this when I am not well although he is not quite so good at positioning himself so sometimes although it is appreciated I have to throw him off the bed – you should see the face when I do this!! Anyway once I am better it is always payback time for not being as appreciative as I could have been – the puppy looks cute and I think the chewing and biting will eventually wear off. I can remember when my late father got his last dog – a black labrador – he has he same problem but a little training soon put it right – sometimes they just grow out of it naturally.

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