The One-Day Blizzard

Our friends in Amarillo are “enjoying” a snow day right now, which can be relaxing and pretty for about an hour, until you need to get somewhere and then it’s very inconvenient. Folks have been posting pictures and videos on Facebook all morning and I’m reminded so vividly of how unprepared we were for Texas Panhandle weather. When we moved to Amarillo in December 2008, we had no idea what to expect weather-wise. Our realtor gave us a heads-up about things like wind and potentially scary hail storms, but we had no idea about the fast and furious, but short-lived, snowstorms.

Two months after moving there, we got to experience our first one-day blizzard. Sure enough, it swept in quickly, dumped several feet of snow on everybody, and was gone the next morning. Coming from east Tennessee, where blizzards happen once every 20 years or so, we were super excited. Chuck and Jeremy wasted no time.

First Amarillo Blizzard

There was enough snow by  mid-morning to build an igloo in the front yard.the first igloo

Jack happened to be sick, so he and I watched the action from inside a warm house.

Then weather was back to 50 degrees and clear. Much of the snow melted by lunch time. If you’re going to have a blizzard, how nice it is to have it gone and out of the way by the next day!

MeltedBe safe and stay warm, Amarillo! Your resilience endures!

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