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First of all, Jeremy has the flu. I thought it might be strep, but after that test came back negative our doctor swabbed him for the flu. The poor kiddo is feverish, flush and coughing. He and Salem are currently snuggling.

When the doctor asked if we needed a note for school I gave him a funny look, to which he replied, “Oh right.” I teased him and said that I knew the principal, so we didn’t need a note.

This afternoon, when I got home from getting a few groceries, a lovely box from Amazon was sitting on my doorstep. This is the result of late-night, . Usually what happens is over the course of several weeks I’ll browse books and drop them in my virtual cart. I used to order mostly fiction books along with add-ons to our homeschool curriculum.

Then, on some random evening after I’ve taken my sleeping pill, I’ll decide it’s a good time to press the “checkout” button, thereby officially ordering whatever books I’ve dropped in the cart. In the morning, I’ll forget what I’ve done, so when an Amazon box shows up on my doorstep, I realize the Book Fairy has paid me a visit.

Or rather, I ordered books about 20 minutes after taking my Ambien pill and therefore have no memory of it the next day.

We’re in the middle of Lent, so all of the books in my virtual cart were added when I was mostly coherent. (For Lent, I decided to forgo fiction and read only the books that I would have most likely avoided five years ago. I wrote about this more in depth here.) The Book Fairy did a great job this time around, so there is much reading to do! These are in addition to two I already finished (here and here), the Shane Hipps book I’m about to finish, and three Rob Bell books under the nightstand that I have yet to read.

Books for LentLast week Chuck teased me about this becoming a “dog blog,” so I intentionally didn’t share photos of Major this week. I’m so proud of myself for almost following through.

Walking Major

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  1. Well rounded shopping there! Torn was a good read – thought provoking and troubling. Any chance you’d want to do book reviews for a certain church library? I know the librarian, and I can put a good word in for you… 😉

  2. Ok so clearly you have been putting in your amazon cart all of Rachel Held Evans’ book suggestions. 😉 Did I tell you I finished her book? I have spent a lot of time reading Justin Lee’s blog. I especially like his explainations of the Side A vs. Side B Christian and I appreciate his tone. Wish more people could be as thoughtful when talking with people who may or may not agree with each other. As for Rachel, . I don’t know. I like the discussions, some things have been thought provoking, other things have made me think she is missing the point. Reading her book I found that sometimes she was doing exactly what she was accusing others of doing: picking and choosing which parts of the Bible she was going to take literally. We all need to be so humble about many of these topics, meaning that we can disagree without calling someone’s faith into question or calling someone a hater.

  3. The other thought I had was that you put all your wish list books in your amazon cart while I put mine in my cart on hold with the library. Books are expensive, sister! lol

    Also, three cheers for non-fiction! 😉 It’s good to learn stuff.

    1. I like to 1) own books and 2) support writers. If I don’t want to keep the book I will take it to a resale shop for credit. Most of the time I keep them. It’s my thing.

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