Garden goes boom!

I love that gardening can be gratifying so quickly. It may feel like the seedlings take forever to get going, but after a few weeks they are all-of-a-sudden huge and producing more zucchini than you can eat. All the rain from last week has taken a toll on my pretties so I’ve rigged a tarp over the plants to protect them for a few days. (You can already see the rot at the bottom of the tomato plant. Too. Much. Rain.) Now I need to get some pine nuts so I can prune the basil and make a gallon of pesto.

Garden goes boom

I’m more than half way through my first semester of graduate school, which means it’s time to hunker down and get working on the big research paper. While the boys and I watched The Lorax┬áSunday night (which was crap), I organized articles in my binder for easy access. There is much to read and even more to research, so it’s good that most of our traveling for the summer is done.

Research PaperI also registered for fall classes this morning, one of which is Creative Writing: The Novel.


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