Weekend: Ready, Set, Go

In short:

– Girls Weekend starts tonight! Hurray! Since Lesli moved back to Tennessee, traveling for GW has lessened significantly. I will drive all of 30 minutes to get to her house, which is vastly differently from when I lived in Amarillo and she lived in Washington DC. Furthermore, we’ll be able to carpool when it’s Susan’s turn to host. We haven’t all lived in Tennessee since my boys were babies.

-Jackson will practice football in full pads tonight for the first time. His little lanky body can barely support the helmet, so it will be particularly adorable to see him in full uniform. Pictures to come!

-Major has been the best little running buddy lately. I barely ran in the spring due to shin splints, but I’m shooting for a November race so it’s time to get back to it. Major is improving his ability to stay focused and pace his trot. (He is a natural sprinter, so I’ve worked to slow him down and increase his overall endurance.) The challenge remains to be his attention span, as it pertains to squirrels and birds.

-The cucumbers have taken over the garden. I have more pickles than I ever imagined. If you like dill pickles, please raid my refrigerator.

I’ll leave you with a lengthy video of the animals. Jeremy and I wanted to see what the dog would do if we draped a deer skin over a lawn chair. The cat saw it immediately (of course!) while it took the dog nearly a full minute to notice it (of course!). Enjoy, and happy weekend!

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