Christmas Trees, oh Christmas Trees

I was dead set against getting a massive tree like last year. The Clark Griswold in Chuck Miller showed up when we bought a house with 12-foot ceilings and he felt we needed an 11-foot tree to go in it. I could not reach the top, even with a ladder, so this year I told him we were getting a normal tree that is easier to manage.

But then he said I could get my own little tree if he could still get a big one. I caved.

We went back to Santa Land Tree Farm in North Georgia. The following photos are from cutting down the baby tree. Chuck chose his tree from a group that had already  been cut.

_DSC0074 _DSC0082 _DSC0084 My cute little baby tree:_DSC0089 _DSC0101 Chuck made his selection from this bunch. _DSC0105

I put the little tree in the library/school room/office so we could enjoy it every day, all day.

Chuck’s tree is in the den, where it nearly touches the ceiling. It’s beautiful, Clark. 
Miller Christmas Tree 2013

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