New Year, Same Book

My novel is still where I left it on December 18, when the fall semester ended and I had not yet finished my Christmas shopping. I hit 102,000 words, then stepped away from the computer for a mental break. As it stands, the book is about 400 pages. That’s a lot to ask of a reader when the author is not yet established. Stephen King can write a 1,000-page book and millions will read it. If No Name Author writes a 600-page book, bookstore browsers will think she’s too ambitious and long-winded. It’s a risk.

Needless to say, the book isn’t finished. I’m well past the halfway mark but not nearly to the resolution. My attempt to finish by New Years Eve was not only unrealistic but also unnecessary. If I rush, the reader will know. And worse, I would know.

Life after death

So I press onward and go back to writing today. Everything forward.


Hot Air Balloon ornament



  1. Don’t worry too much about the word count, not like you’re in class anymore, haha. The truth is, from an editorial standpoint, more is often better. It is easier to cut away than to add (something I know personally both as an author and as an editor). The book will be trimmed down anyway, and even an unknown author can get away with a long book. What matters most is quality. Though a 1,000 pages is pushing it, haha. Best of luck getting some more work knocked out before spring semester, that’s what I’m hoping to do. I’m taking two classes this semester to give me some more free time to work on my own book. But I know even that will be easier said than done.

    On a side note, I’d like to share with you an interview I did for Show Biz Weekly last week with author Chris Campanioni, who is also a journalist turned novelist:

    You’ll do great things with your book, no doubt!

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