Major Pain

This dog, y’all.

This dogHe’s running me ragged. I swear I could put razor blades in his food bowl and he’d still want to eat our socks. I have to keep an eye on him at all times and it’s making me dizzy. Sometimes I think he should be with a hunting family instead of us, being worked to the bone, using his canine instincts for good and not evil. (I’m embarrassed to show you the back yard. The snow from last week does a fine job of covering up the holes.)

See dog runThe boys would be heartbroken if we didn’t keep Major. Truth be told, I’d have a hard time with it too. The thing is that he’s great in so many ways. He is an excellent running buddy, not only for companionship but also for security. He’s loyal to our family and snuggly when he’s sleepy.

But when he’s awake, we have to watch his every move. In the last three days, we’ve lost two ball caps and an exercise ball because no one was watching him and he lost his little canine mind. I cannot tell you how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches he’s stolen off the boys’ lunch plates. He’s faster than a Hungry Hungry Hippo after marbles.

Treeing the coon tailYes, he is one year old. Yes, he’s a stubborn hound. But God help me if this is what the next ten years will be like. Will he ever calm down? What should we be doing differently? Dog owners, give me your best advice. Tell me it’s going to get better. Tell me I’m crazy to wonder if getting a second dog of another calmer breed would help.

I’ll leave you with Salem’s dissatisfaction. I can’t say it any better. Angry Salem

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  1. I don’t know…I have an insane jack russell terrier with her own issues. Im surprised digging isnt one of them. I also have a basset/beagle mix that is the exact opposite–calm, gentle and scared of everything (he was mistreated in the past). But he is actice enough to play with her when they are in the mood. lol.

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