My Buddy and Me

Wherever I go, he goes.

My buddy:

Best buddyI’m not an attachment parent, but clearly I’m  an attachment dog owner.  We’re together all the time, and when we’re not together, he’s waiting for me on the other side of the bathroom door.  Hurry up! I miss you!

Major and I went on two runs over the weekend, clearly our best activity together. He’s a faithful running companion, eyeballing creepy people and urging me to run faster. (The two aren’t necessarily related.)

I’m also happy to report his behavior is light years better than it was a month ago thanks to a training collar. Y’all, it was time to find some sanity with this pet before I put his crazy butt on Craigslist.  The training collar has allowed me to be the Alpha, something I’ve tried (and failed) to do for the last year. We’ve finally turned a new leaf. Now, we can sit down to a calm dinner and Major lays down on the carpet in the living room. This is huge.

In other news, I’m still editing my first short story, but I plan to post it later this week.

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