Headboard and Shelving

We’ve been without a headboard since moving into this house nearly three years ago because we put the log bed in Jackson’s room. (Chuck built the log bed for us in 1999 and it now serves as the guest bed when folks come to visit.) We’ve spent months on Pinterest and other websites looking for inspiration. The original plan was a simple angled headboard. Then it blew up to much more.

Once he had the sketch, he bought the wood and got started measuring, cutting, and sanding.

Headboard in progress

Once it was put together, he painted it a soft gray/white to go well with our gray walls and  installed lighting above and below the top shelf.


I selected the fabric for the angled headboard, which was really my only involvement.

Headboard He installed the headboard on Saturday, anchoring it to the wall.

Installing the headboard

It’s so beautiful, though I knew it would be. There’s no before picture (my mistake!) but all you have to imagine is a blank, gray wall. It was void of anything, so it was literally a clean slate.

Finished bedroom 1 The canvas photo was taken at Hug Point during our anniversary trip last October. We were laying on a grassy knoll above a waterfall that flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Finished bedroom 2I love that he builds stuff. ¬†And I love that he’s already looking for inspiration for his next project: a sliding bookcase as a secret door.

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  1. so talented…and it IS a beautiful headboard along with the shelving and hooks for robes. I love everything about it. Nice job, Chuck. God has surely gifted your hands to be like our Carpenter!!

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