I’ve joined the club.

These were my doctor’s exact words on Thursday: “I don’t want to use the word extreme, but that’s pretty much what we’re talking about. You now have to go above and beyond.”

It was at my annual appointment, where I whined and complained about how my body seems completely different from what it was just two years ago. She told me the same thing my friend, Meredith, said:  “Welcome to the club.”

After seven years of running half marathons (and one full marathon) and nearly twenty years of eating sensibly, I’ve been told it’s no longer enough. To combat a declining metabolism and the signs of peri-menopause (yes, she’s still using that word, dammit), my workout routine and mostly-clean diet won’t cut it. My doctor told me that all that stuff I’ve been doing for the last decade is now the starting point for making more cuts (in my diet) and increases (in exercise).

When I told her I was weight training again, she said, “That’s great for preventing osteoporosis!” Right, because that was my motivation.

When I told her how little grain I eat, she said, “Well, there’s always the Paleo Diet.” Right, because there’s endless amount of money in the grocery budget for that.

When I told her that I’m frustrated over working so hard and making so little progress, she said, “There’s a little bit of self-acceptance that has to go on too.” Right, because that’s so easy.

On the whole, I’m quite healthy. Actually, we all are since it’s a big focus in our household to be active and eat well. So to be told that now I have to go above and beyond, I’m miffed. I want to argue:

But I don’t eat processed foods. 

But I don’t drink sodas.

But I eat fresh fruits and veggies every single day.

But I eat organic, grass-fed meats.

But I cut back on coffee and wine.

But I exercise five days a week, or more.


I digress.

In going above and beyond, I do have my limits. I’m not going to live life on artificial supplements, meal replacements, and other nonsensical things. I love food, therefore I will eat it. Life is too short for that crap.

The good thing is that Chuck is on board with all of this. He’s always been in fantastic shape, but he’s also always willing to work harder. This means we’re in it together – food, exercise, and all. The other day, I moaned, “I can’t decide if I want to run today or not” and he replied with, “Yes, you do. Go run.”

The only run

He also split a Peep with me yesterday, so there’s that.



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  1. Totally agree about the restrictive diets, meal replacements and such. I’m gonna stick with eating what I like and just have less of it.

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