From now on, call me Gary.

On our way home from the grocery store last night, Jackson announced that he’d like to change his name. No, that’s not accurate. He had already changed his name and decided to inform the rest of us about it.

Jack: From now on, call me Gary.

Jeremy: What?

Jack: Gary. Like Gary Old Man.

Me: Gary Oldman?

Jack: Yeah.

Jeremy: Who’s that?

Me: Sirius Black. Commissioner Gordon.

Jeremy: Okay. Well that’s weird.

Jack: No it’s not! It’s the best name. Call me Gary from now until forever.

Okay, Gary, we said.

Jack: Jeremy, what should we call you?

Jeremy: Awesome.

Additionally, after getting his hair cut last night, I took a¬†picture, to which he replied, “Call it ‘Gary’s new haircut.'”

So, here’s Gary’s new haircut.

Gary's new haircutHappy Weekend to you, readers. From all of us. And Gary.


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