I should be reading Dune, but…

I’m making videos with my dog instead.


I filmed him the other day when I was off for a run.

We’re about to wrap up science fiction in my genre class and all I can say is IT’S ABOUT TIME. Once I finish readingĀ Dune and find something intelligent to say about power, religion, and the state in sci-fi, I can piece my brain back together and move on to more enjoyable books and films.

Speaking of graduate school, it looks like I’ll graduate in December. Hurray! Fall registration is in two weeks and, according to my curriculum sheet, I have one more class to take plus the capstone. It’s not widely recommended to take a class while working on your capstone project, but I have secret super human powers that make me feel like I can tackle it.

Remind me of this in October.


2 Replies to “I should be reading Dune, but…”

  1. Wait Jennie! You left out the part of Dune that is the prophesied savior who comes to deliver his people–the ones he adopted into after abandoning his family of origin. Now, where have I heard that before . . . .?

    1. Steve, I cannot get on board with Dune. I know there are metaphors and symbolism and whatnot, but I am flailing. My eyes glaze over after one page.

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