Amarillo Bound

I gotta say – I never thought I’d go back to the Texas Panhandle, much less to celebrate my birthday. When we packed up our things in March 2011 and headed east, I was sure that I’d never return. Living in Amarillo was one of the strangest detours of my life, one that created a lot of heartache, but also one that landed me a fantastic job where I met some wonderful people. Still, when I said goodbye to Amarillo, I didn’t look back. Not even once.

It was foolish to presume that I’d never return, particularly since one of my dearest friends lives there. Michele started out as my boss, but it didn’t take long for her to become my closest confidant. We worked well together at Amarillo Magazine, so well that I sobbed some hard tears after turning in my notice. Despite how badly I wanted to move back to Tennessee and be closer to my family and other friends, I didn’t want to leave Michele or my job. (Seriously, who can say that about a job?)

Growing up an Army brat, I learned early on how to keep in touch with people. I knew distance wouldn’t affect our friendship. She came to visit me in October 2012 and now it’s my turn to do the visiting. I’ve been giddy about it for weeks.

Michele and Me, 2010


Michele and Jennie, Maryville 2012Despite my excitement, I’m getting tons of flack from my boys about leaving.

You won’t be here for your birthday? What are we gonna do with Dad? Can I come? When will you be home? How many days will you be gone? 

And so on.

For the record, I’m not the least worried about the boys. Chuck is a great dad. They’ll eat junk food and walk around freely in their underwear.

(I am a little worried about the pets, though. And the garden. No one loves them like I do.)

I leave tomorrow morning. ♥


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