New phone for Memaw

When Chuck and I finally upgraded to smart phones last year (as in, 2013), I explicitly did not want a simple touch-screen phone. If was going to go “smart,” I still needed a qwerty keyboard. Period.

Exactly one year later, my smart phone went haywire and stopping making audible noises. No rings, dings, or whistles. It would vibrate when someone called or texted, but that was it. And since I’m one of the few who doesn’t carry her phone around, hours would pass before I noticed a few missed calls or messages. After several weeks of this nonsense, I decided it was time to go to Verizon.

Actually, Chuck told me, “Go to Verizon.” So I went.

All of a sudden, I have an iPhone. A fancy blue one that rings when someone calls it. The guy at Verizon said my qwerty phone wasn’t “sophisticated,” nor was the software worth replacing (at cost, anyway, since my warranty ran out). Surprisingly, they don’t make a wide range of smart phones with qwerty boards anymore, so I had to choose from what was left. Since I use all Apple products anyway, I went with what I knew.

Here I am figuring out the camera and simultaneously showing you that I’ve hung my portrait on the wall in the library. iPhone and portrait

Cool photo stuff, but still. It took me a full minute to type two sentences in my first text message. There were a bloody million misspelling, so autocorrect will be well used. Actually, I think Memaw needs a keyboard buddy.


P.S. Siri and I haven’t been acquainted yet. I can’t figure out where she’s hiding.

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