First Day of School

The day started with pancakes and avoidance.

Jackson starts 3rd grade

After a modest amount of pouting, I showed the boys their curriculum and we got to work. Major and Salem joined us, per usual.

Major on the first day of school

Salem on the first day of schoolAttitudes were mostly good, and as I’ve learned from previous years, attitude is everything, mine included.

This will be my last semester of graduate school, but also the most exciting. In addition to a genre writing course, I’m working on my capstone project – the novel. The semester will be difficult but I’m not worried. For some strange reason, my anxiety is at bay and I’m not fretting. It’s not even a medically-induced calm. I just feel good about it all.

However, I totally reserve the right to freak out and get anxious if I want to.

Cheers to a great year! ♥

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