Three days in Santa Fe

When I said I was going to Amarillo, that wasn’t a lie. I flew into Amarillo on Wednesday and left Amarillo on Sunday, but in between Wednesday and Sunday, Michele and I were in Santa Fe. It’s a quick nearly-four-hour drive from the Texas panhandle to the capital of New Mexico and everything about that place is a feast. It is rich in history, art, and cuisine, all of which we enjoyed to the fullest. We walked, shopped, ate, drank, repeat, repeat, repeat. Until Saturday, I’d not eaten an omelet with red and green chile pepper salsa, but man oh man. I’m gonna start doing that regularly.


As a family, we’ve been to Santa Fe exactly three times. It was a go-to retreat when we needed to see mountains and Amarillo was just… too flat. (Actually, my favorite trip to Santa Fe was when we went camping. Read about that trip here. There are adorable photos of the boys and Hank. It was his last trip with us.)

Although Santa Fe wasn’t new to me, it was a treat to enjoy the city as an unattached adult. We popped into galleries, enjoyed wine at nearly every meal, and perused all the stores that would’ve made my husband and sons collapse in boredom.

That being said, I did enjoy two dinners in Amarillo and a spin around the old neighborhoods. That city is thriving and growing and I’m glad to have seen it in person.

Thank you, Michele, for a most fabulous birthday retreat. ♥

PS. There are more photos on Instagram.

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