The Library and Me

We got home from Washington D.C. late last night, so today we are zombies climbing mounds of laundry. Seven days of visiting with family and friends, sight-seeing on foot, and celebrating nuptials will do that to you. Even though national monuments and museums absolutely count towards school for the boys, I had to find time here and there to do my own school work. Once I get caught up on Genre Writing assignments, I’ll start uploading and editing photos – of which there are many.

Even though we’ve been to D.C. a dozen times I had never been to the Library of Congress, so it was first on my list to see. Oh, friends. The architecture is magnificent. I’m sure those photos will be my favorite. The only bit that was anti-climactic is that they don’t allow tourists in the stacks. No touching or smelling the books. No running my fingertips along the rows of old spines. No pretending that my work is somewhere among the other published writers. I was able to observe the stacks from a long distance, behind glass, and I suppose that’s good enough if it protects those precious papers from people who don’t respect them.

Still. Would’ve been nice.

Here we are, the Library and me, at our first acquaintance:

The Library of Congress

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