Finding the joy in sadness

It takes a very selfless, mature person to view death as a a joyful reunion with the Lord – a transition from painful to painless, from earthly to heavenly. I’m trying very hard to be that sort of person, but between you and me, I’m quite sad over the passing of my Aunt Debbie. She left us early this morning, and even though we all knew the cancer would eventually be unbeatable, it feels like this all happened too soon.

But it does us no good to dwell.

Aunt Debbie, I will miss your random and humorous text messages. I will miss your wise advice on how I can be a better mother. Thank you for how you supported me in the decision to homeschool. I will miss how you loved my boys, even though you saw them so infrequently. It was a privilege to be one of your flower girls and to buddy up with you at family gatherings. If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry! We will play the board games you gave us and remember how much you cherished your own family.

Debbie's flower girls More than anything, I’m grateful that we saw you in September. Thank you for giving Jackson your stuffed frog and for remembering to call him Gary. He felt so special because of you. You are one of a kind, Aunt Debbie! You will be forever missed and forever loved. With Bob, Debbie and the boys in September 2014

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