The [Smaller] Christmas Tree of 2014

Not only were we late getting to the tree, we also broke tradition. Our schedules didn’t allow a trip to Santa Land, but we found a lovely tree farm nearby that provided the experience of choosing and chopping down our tree of choice. Major joined us and had his nose to the ground the whole time.

On the hunt for a tree

Christmas tree farm

Christmas tree farm in TN

Our tree

Chasing the tree

We’re┬ástill loving our Charlie Brown string lights, even though half of the strands are broken. I’m thinking a post-Christmas stock-up is in order.

Charlie Brown lights

This year’s tree is literally half the size of last year’s, but even though it’s not as grand, I’m happy that I didn’t need a step ladder. The tree was finished in an hour and I wasn’t covered in sap.

Hark! The Miller Family Christmas Tree 2014:
Decorated tree

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