Doves on Christmas Trees

Yesterday’s Instagram photo yielded a few questions about placing doves on Christmas trees to remember loved ones, so I thought I’d add some history to it.

Doves on Christmas trees

It’s a tradition that started with Brenda, my mother-in-law, when she put four doves on her Christmas tree each year to remember her parents and Bill’s parents. Then, when Brenda passed away in 2010, Bill had seven doves placed on a large flower spray at her service, one dove from each of us. We brought home the four doves from our family and put one on our tree to honor Brenda each Christmas. This dove went alongside two others: one for my Papaw and one for Jeremy L., Chuck’s childhood best friend who passed away in 1999, whom our Jeremy is named after.

The white dove in the above photo is for Aunt Debbie.

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