Reading for Pleasure

It’s on now – reading a book because I choose to, not because it’s on a syllabus. It doesn’t feel like graduate school is over, but indeed it is and now I’m left with a novel that needs tweaking and an agent. (I’m waiting on feedback from one more person before I start editing.) In this lull, I’m reading for pleasure and loving it fully. As promised, I saved Edge of Eternity for Christmas break yet I’m only about 150 pages into the 1000+. Though this book hasn’t garnered the usual Ken Follett fanfare, I’m still enjoying it because he is one of the greatest storytellers of this time:

“So what are we going to do about the crisis in Berlin?” he said.

“We’re going to build a wall.”

We're going to build a wall

The collection of books I gathered over the last two years is hefty, so after Edge of Eternity, there’s And the Mountains Echoed and Tell the Wolves I’m Home. There’s We are Water, The Execution of Noa P. Singleton, and In the Woods (unrelated to the film currently in theaters). There’s Horrorstör and Stern Men. These are books that have been out for months (and years) but I’ve been unable to give them any sort of proper attention. NO LONGER, I say. I’m reading for pleasure again, so all of these gems will be fondled in due time.

Reading with a cat

Do you have any book suggestions for me?

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