Throwback Thursday: When graduate school sucked

This time last year I was enrolled in a novel writing course, which did not suck.

I was also enrolled in Literary Theory, which did suck entirely.

When I wasn’t reading drivel…Reading for Lit Theory 2013

… I was doodling about how much I hated reading drivel: TBT Lit Theory

Alas, I’ll never read Norton’s Anthology again because I just turned in my Capstone Project and completed my last assignment for Genre Writing.

I’m done. All the way done. Graduate school is over. The kids are just as excited as I am.

After I wander around in my pajamas for a few days, I’ll start writing query letters.

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  1. {{{Ahem}}} I LOVE Calvin & Hobbes in last year’s post, “Scholarly Writing Bites the Big One.” Why of course NOT = your writing makes much, much more sense, is quite delightfully inspiring, and is definitely, positively what we’re seeking vs. that very stone cold d-r-i-v-a-l!!

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