No videos games all summer.

Do you know how badly I want to say that? SO BADLY.

I understand that we live in a high-tech world and there are lots of cool stuff out there. I concede that video games are fun and Minecraft is God’s gift to young minds. I know how cool it is to have all the gadgets.


I cringe when they ask for more time or another turn or an extra turn or some other version of asking for more electronics, and when I deny them more time (or any time) then I am the recipient of eye rolling, petitioning, appealing, stomping, crying, pouting, and so on. It’s a delight.

summer is here

Granted, let me give the boys some credit. Jeremy loves to play outside with friends, and given the opportunity, he would spend 12+ hours running around the yard with them. Jackson isn’t such a fan of the outdoors, but he’s a ferocious reader and could lounge on the couch all day with a good book. Going to the pool and taking Major to the dog park are always activities they love. So yes, there are other things that occupy their brains.


When it comes to electronics, they morph into these whiny creatures that stab me with their angry eyes and weigh me down with their “that’s not fair” mentality. Then they say, “But YOU’RE on the computer, why can’t I be on the computer?” to which I answer, “I’m PAYING BILLS! You want to take over? Have at it.”

This cannot be our summer. It CANNOT. That being said, I also refuse to bulk up our schedule with activities in order to avoid the confrontation of video games and time on the computer. We need to devise a plan and stick to it.

Parents, what are your rules for electronics? Hourly cap on video games? Required activities before video games are an option? Loss of electronics as the first consequence for discipline? I’m open to suggestions because I truly want my kids to have the best of both worlds – an active summer outside with friends and creativity and imagination, plus the perks of compelling¬†technology. Where is that happy medium?

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