Throwback to last week’s tattoo

I’m just now able to sit comfortably and wear regular clothes. I’ve felt like a Duggar girl all week wearing dresses, but pants and shorts don’t wear well with an open wound on my backside. The magnolia bloom is situated on my lower left back/upper left cheek (ahem) and runs perfectly along my waistline. So yeah, no tight clothing in that area this past week.

Tattoo Day May 2015

Every time I see it I feel a rush of delight. It’s beautiful on its own but what it represents makes it even more special. I’ll take a proper picture once it’s healed. I’m that itchy, scabby phase, so we’re nearly there.

And then I’ll do it all over again in August. 

2 Replies to “Throwback to last week’s tattoo”

  1. When I got my wings done on my back I wore my standard attire of bra and cami tank. I told my tattoo guy that the wings had to fit between the straps cause there was no way I could go braless until it healed! Even then it made it interesting cause I never thought about the whole leaning back in the seat when riding/driving in a car. O_o

    1. That was smart to fit the wings between your straps! Riding in a car was difficult at first but the skin is mostly healed now so I can finally lean back with easy. I accidentally scratched the tattoo yesterday, so that wasn’t pleasant.

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