Sliding into July

June has been a whirlwind, so I’m happy for things to slow down and ease up. We’ve had two Vacation Bible School sessions, Jackson’s birthday, one soccer camp, one drama camp, a quickie-trip to the beach, Father’s Day celebrations, and one sick husband who is happy to be home and sleeping in his own bed.

Summer is scooting by.

Summer sun

In my spare time, I’ve been researching new curriculum, learning about horses, editing photos, and rummaging through all the junk in this house in preparation for a yard sale. Despite my attempts to weed through our excess stuff, I added about 30 books to my collection following a library sale in a neighboring town. Patrons could fill up one bag of books – full to the brim, poking out on all sides – for five dollars.

FIVE DOLLARS. We left with four bags of books. Thirty-some books for twenty bucks.

But back to the yard sale.

I’ve been feeling the pull to lighten our load for a while, which is really hard to do with sentimental things. Case in point, a Brandon Walsh pillowcase and a Bon Jovi purse made from an old 45 record:

Brandon and Bon Jovi

But I press onward, because we have too much stuff and it’s embarrassing – too many things that go untouched and unused. I’ve already filled five large totes of sale items and I’ve only gone through two rooms. TWO ROOMS. I’m partnering with another family for this yard sale, so I hope we have a good showing and all the stuff gets sold.

Going through old stuff has its perks. Chuck won’t let me post our prom photo on the internet, but that didn’t keep me from showing the boys and capturing their reaction:

Our old prom picture

We looked awesome. Take my word for it.

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