July so far

Friends, it’s been a minute since we’ve talked, and most of that has been because (1) I refuse to discuss anything in the headlines (aren’t you glad?) and (2) we’ve been busy with generic busy-ness. Some important things have happened – like Jeremy getting his head gear and Jackson getting some metal thingies on his back teeth to prepare for some sort of “appliance” that he’ll get in six weeks. I’ve also been busy on the board of the Presbyterian Campus Ministry (UKirk) at UT and reading, running, and writing in my spare time.

We also celebrated the Fourth of July in the driveway.

Fourth of July driveway fireworks

Otherwise, we’ve been laying low and staying dry. Have y’all had as much rain as us? SHEESH.

The boys got wind that I’m preparing their curriculum for the next school year and they’re none too pleased. We’ll start mid-to-late August, which means we have about six weeks left of summer. We’re still keeping a flexible time table – eating whenever, going back and forth between playing outside and enjoying mind-numbing screen time. All the camps are over and we have no travel plans, so we are as free as birds.

Girls Weekend starts in three days! Whoop!

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