The Joint Birthday Gift

The boys had been asking for a basketball goal for at least a year, and once we realized they were completely serious, we decided to give them one as a joint birthday present this summer. (Jackson’s birthday was in June, Jeremy’s is in September.)

I’m happy to report that they use it daily. No lie! DAILY. The neighborhood kids love it, our kids love it, and even I’ve gotten out there to beat Chuck in a round of horse. Jackson has never been a lover of physical activity, but this basketball goal has been the exception.

(These photos were taken from the kitchen window when I was spying on my children.)

new basketball goal

I’m not sure what game they are playing when they bring everything out from the garage and arrange it on the driveway, but nevertheless, they love it.

Strange game

It’s been a good investment so far.

I’ll leave you with a random photo of Major, who has not yet started using the basketball goal.

Hey Major

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