We interrupt this reading challenge to bring you Serial

Instead of pulling together my own description of the podcast, here’s the summary from the program’s website:

Serial season one

I was smack dab in the middle of Lucky (which I finished last night and is very good) when I had to do something mundane and wanted a podcast playing in the background. After perusing my usual suspects I remembered hearing about Serial and how it was wildly popular. I did a quick search and started on the first episode. I finished all twelve episodes in three days and now I’ve started on Undisclosed, a second podcast series that picks apart the case even further, revealing holes in witness testimonies and scrutinizing cell phone records.

Now, why should we care? I don’t know. I’m of the general belief that the majority of people who are convicted of crimes are rightly accused. Not all, but most. (What happens to people after conviction is another blog post entirely.) Yet, this case against Adnan Syed does not fit into the “beyond a shadow of a doubt” category. There are all kinds of holes, and dude – Jay is totally sketchy. With every episode, I’m all, “THAT MAKES NO SENSE!” or “THEY’RE ALL LYING!” or “The jury convicted him because his attorney’s voice was the most annoying sound in the free world, God rest her soul.”

If you’re a podcast kind of person, listen to Serial and let me know what you think.

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