Behold the Tween

Every time we say 12, he corrects us with “tween.”

Jeremy turns 12

I’m not sure how we got here, but here we are. He’s 12 going on 25.

Happy Birthday to our first born, our philosopher and theologian, our soccer player and budding chef, our comedian and tender-hearted animal lover. Jeremy, your intuition is beyond your years, but something tells me it will come in handy when life gets really hard. Thank you for remembering your manners and going the extra step to show your maturity. Never ever will I forget the first moment I held you and cried hot tears all over your newborn face. You were the answer to a multitude of prayers. We love you to pieces, and more.

But, no, we’re still not getting you a cell phone.

Lots of embarrassing hugs and kisses,

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