Field trip to the fair and museum of art

One of our neighbors had free tickets to the fair but could not use them, so we were the lucky recipients. Our schedule didn’t allow us to go when the rides were in service, but we still got to see the farm animals, a comedian, and a quick acrobatics show. We also ate a bit of fair food, which clogged our arteries on impact.

Fair food

Up up and away

At first I was eager to see the animals in the 4H division of the fair, but then I couldn’t handle it. Animals in cages make me anxious and sad, and even if I know they’re well cared for, I still don’t like it.

I really wanted to take this precious baby home with me.

Duck in a cage

Rooster in a cage

This fella was friendly, so we gave him some love.

Wooly sheep

Having never been to the fair grounds before, it was all new to the boys and perfect for exploring. We remarked at how good these ducks and geese must have it – cage-free living with all those funnel cake scraps.

Visiting geese

Once we’d walked the fair grounds we still had a bit of time before we had somewhere to be, so we stopped at the Knoxville Museum of Art for a quick go-around.

Third floor of the Knox Museum


At first I thought this glacier piece was made of glass tile, but nope. Sequins!


The consensus is that the upside down Mona Lisa is our favorite work. First, it’s made of individual spools of thread. Can you see them now that I’ve told you? They’re hanging on wires.

Mona upside down

Second, there’s a glass ball positioned in front of the thread that re-positions Mona right side up. By shrinking the work, the spools work together to make the image of Mona Lisa much clearer. The whole contraption is genius.

Mona right side up

Observation at the Knox Museum

Field trip to Knox Museum

Even though we lost a morning of book work, we gained time together seeing things and places we normally wouldn’t have. I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again: the best thing about homeschooling is the freedom.

Worlds Fair Park

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