The sweetest little wedding

When a former high school classmate of mine mentioned on Facebook that she was looking for an inexpensive wedding photographer, I threw my name in the hat. Since I work alone, the small, intimate weddings are just right. I can dart around discreetly and tend to the details. Bigger events require two and three shooters, so as long as it was going to be small, I could do it.

So I did.

DSC_0044 wm

DSC_0090 wm

DSC_0064 wm

DSC_0162 wm

DSC_0199 wm

DSC_0216 wm

DSC_0274 wm

DSC_0332 wm

DSC_0391 wm

I went nuts with my camera, so there are eight million more to edit, but it’s a good problem to have. I’m grateful. 

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