Blog Challenge Day 20: In 10 years

Where do I want to be in ten years? 

I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED. First, please refer to my dream job.

Second, let’s consider ages. In ten years it will be 2025: I’ll be 47 (gulp), Chuck will be 46, Jeremy will be 22 (double gulp), and Jackson will be 19 (where’s my flask?).

There are a few things I wish for that are obvious: Good health, stability, a family that’s not broken by tragedy. These are the things we all hope for. If these things are standard, the rest is up for grabs.

By the time I’m 47, I hope to have published works in bookstores everywhere and have a strong relationship with an agent and publisher. I hope the ideas keep coming and that writing is still my deepest love.

By the time I’m 47, I hope Chuck and I have finally traipsed around Europe. I hope we’ve gone once by ourselves and a second time with our boys.

By the time I’m 47, I hope Jeremy has graduated college and/or found a job that’s satisfying and rewarding. I hope he’s confident enough in himself to explore his options but wise enough to be self-sufficient. I hope he’s not easily swayed.

By the time I’m 47, I hope Jackson is embarking on his first or second year of college and has learned how to manage his time wisely. I hope he’s organized and efficient. I hope he’s still smiling. I hope he doesn’t move too far away. (Something tells me he won’t.)

By the time I’m 47, I hope that whatever comes our way we are able to muscle through with superhuman strength and a good sense of humor. I hope we’ve given more than we’ve taken. I hope I worry less. I hope I’m still running.

I guess we’ll see.

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