Blog Challenge Day 6: Three Personality Traits

What are three personality traits I’m proud of?

Actually, this is a tough question. In an effort to be completely introspective, I sat on this question for a while. Are personality traits the things that come naturally with little to no effort? Are they also things I strive to be when I try really hard? Are they things I choose or things I have no control over?

Myers-Briggs comes to mind. I’m an INFJ, which basically means I’m highly intuitive, mostly introverted, protective, creative, and independent. I also internalize my stress, a common problem for INFJs. (For more on the INFJ personality, go here.)

You  may be thrown off by the introversion label because I share so much on this blog, and if you’ve met me in person, you probably cannot picture me as an introvert. Alas, let me throw a wrench in your thinking! Introversion does not mean private, shy, quiet or reclusive. At least, not entirely and exclusively. It means that while people can be lovely and enjoyable in bouts, they often drain me. It means I can enjoy being with you (even a lot of you), but after our time together I need lots of down time to recoup. I’m empty and need to recharge.

Lastly, INFJs often have many, many complex and poignant thoughts, but they’re often inclined to keep such thoughts to themselves. Even when I’ve posted about religion and politics on this blog, it’s been under great restraint. Though there is much to read on this site, my life is most definitely not an open book.

what I say and think

So what three personality traits am I proud of? My intuitioncreativity, and loyalty.


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