Favorite thing: Criminal, a podcast

After letting go of Serial, I had some strange yearning to listen to crime stories. I wanted to hear about murder and robbery and weird crap that has nothing to do with my circle of influence.

Criminal feeds that curiosity. It’s not a gratuitous, vulgar unboxing of random evidence but rather succinct synopsis of a crime – bloody and not bloody – with either the people involved or experts on the case. In addition, the host and guest rehash lessons learned and the glaring hindsight that shows up afterward.

criminal podcast

For an extra-creepy listen, try Episode 25: The Portrait.

Three things I love: favorites logo

  1. Great audio. The host, Phoebe Judge, has a voice that’s so easy to listen to. Some podcasts do not have this quality, so when a podcast has fluid audio and a female voice with no vocal fry, it’s all good.
  2. Diverse stories.  It’s not just obscure murders or weirdo tales. There’s white-collar crime, multi-generational crime, and more. If you don’t like the bloody stuff, there are other stories for you.
  3. Short and sweet. Some podcasts require an hour or more from you, but many of Criminal’s stories hover around 20 minutes. Perfect for folks with a short attention span.

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