Favorite thing: Pumpkin and Pinecones Candle

I light candles around my house all the time, and not just because I live with all boys. Some scents are better than others, but some are downright favorites. This season, I’m loving Pumpkin & Pinecones by Better Homes and Gardens.

Pumpkin and pinecone candle

Unlike many autumnal candles that have cinnamon and other potent spices as a dominate fragrance, Pumpkin & Pinecones is all about warmth. It is the perfect marriage of freshly baked pumpkin pie and the faintest hint of a pine tree.

Three Things I Love:

  1. It’s homey. It doesn’t smell like a faux spicy, fruity candle. It smells like I’ve busied myself in the kitchen baking with the windows open to let in fresh, cool air.
  2. It’s inexpensive. It costs less than $5 at Walmart.
  3. It’s long-lasting. I’ve just recently purchased my second Pumpkin & Pinecones candle after burning the first one about five hours per day (or longer) since the beginning of November. I’m still working on the first one, but when it goes out, I’ve got one waiting in the wings.

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