Morgan McCulla Family

I’m related to this bunch, so the session was pretty laid back and easy. We met on a beautiful patch of East Tennessee land on the outskirts of the Great Smoky Mountains. As soon as the sun tucked behind the trees, the temperature dropped so I moved swiftly.

Thank you, family, for trusting me with these.

JEM_3474 low res

JEM_3508 low res

Sophia sure loves her Papaw!

JEM_3570 low res

JEM_3580 low res

JEM_3616 low res

After so many boys in the McCulla family, Sophia has stolen the show.

JEM_3647 low res

JEM_3705 low res

Brothers never miss an opportunity to goof off.

JEM_3790 low res

Am I right?

JEM_3725 low res


JEM_3944 low res

Our cousins brought some stunning women into the family!

JEM_3993 low res

JEM_4000 low res

JEM_4016 low res

Let’s do this again in a few years, shall we?

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