The rain is not helping

I’m trying hard to unearth some Christmas spirit, but so far it hasn’t arrived. Thanksgiving came and went without Tami, which is still very strange and hard to understand. Dare I say it still doesn’t feel real? I thought that it would feel real when the holidays came around but I cooked all day with people in the house and caught myself thinking, “Nope. Still doesn’t feel real.”

Also, today marks one year that Aunt Debbie has been gone, and I’m reminded that I need to get another dove for our Christmas tree. Off to Hobby Lobby I go.

Doves on Christmas trees

Since we are doing a non-traditional Christmas this year and won’t be putting up a tree, I’ll pull out a few decorations from the basement so our house is somewhat festive. I have two small decorative trees that I’ll adorn with doves so we can remember those who aren’t with us anymore. I’ll pull out the nutcrackers and the Christmas books and, of course, we can’t forget Timmy. I refuse to let my fog affect the boys. At 12 and 9 years old, Christmas should still be wondrous and exciting. We still need to acknowledge Advent and carry on with a few of our traditions.

But I swear this rain isn’t helping. The weather man says it’s going to stick around for a few days. If only the temperature would drop thirty degrees.

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