Hilton Head Photo Dump No. 4

Last batch of Christmas photos, friends. In this first picture, Jackson’s excitement is all about getting a Green Bay Packers hat from his big brother.

JEM_6097 low res

Christmas Eve s’mores!

JEM_6133 low res

JEM_6136 low res

JEM_6144 low res

JEM_6150 low res

JEM_6157 low res

I would’ve loved a full moon photo on Christmas Day, but the fog was just too thick. Christmas Eve will have to do.

JEM_6212 low res

Merry Christmas!

JEM_6226 low res

Our Smoky Mountain dog loved the beach.

JEM_6250 low res

JEM_6264 low res

Millers versus the Przyluckis in a bocce ball tourney – the North wins!

JEM_6302 low res

JEM_6307 low res

So the boys took to playing soccer. It was a draw.

JEM_6343 low res

JEM_6336 low res

JEM_6275 low res

The short walk back to the house for our final evening:

JEM_6361 low res

JEM_6364 low res

JEM_6371 low res

Cheers to 2016!

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