Favorite Thing: Oh No Ross and Carrie podcast

They show up so we don’t have to.

In other words, if you’ve ever been curious about Scientology, Ross and Carrie already went through the personality tests and classes and events so you don’t have to go! They share their experiences with as much objectivity as they can muster, though sometimes it’s just an impossibility to take some of this stuff seriously.

Oh No Ross and CarrieThe topics they explore fall under the umbrella of fringe science (oil pulling, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, cryotherapy, essential oils, Reiki, juicing, Myers-Briggs), the paranormal (ghost hunting on the Queen Mary, the Ouija board, tarot readings), and religions/spirituality that fall outside the major Catholic and Protestant denominations (Christian Science, Kabbalah, Scientology, Mormonism).

Not every topic is super interesting to me, but a lot of them are, and I always appreciate Ross and Carrie’s good sportsmanship when it comes to trying something new and unusual for the sake of reporting their experience back to listeners. They have good banter between them and, even though they attempt to take their investigations seriously, sometimes they wind up in situations that are just too funny not to laugh.

Though they seem to upload a new podcast once a month or so, there are at least four years of podcasts backlogged for our enjoyment. Their first podcast aired in 2011.

Three Things I Love:

  1. The show feeds my curious nature. I’ve been waiting for them to explore Scientology and it’s probably my favorite series of podcasts to date. They’ve posted two so far, with promises for a third, which tells me that they invested a fair amount of time exploring the ideology to have a foundational grasp of its public operation.
  2. It makes me laugh. Two words: Colon cleansing. It’s good entertainment for an hour on the elliptical.
  3. It’s fascinating and a little scary. There is so much bizarro stuff in the world. And worse? These are real people believing in this stuff. The people who are ardent members of Tony Alamo’s Christian Church are real and the people who think 9/11 was orchestrated by the United States government are real. And the people who follow Rael, the creator of a UFO religion? Totally real. And friend, I bet all of them vote.

You can listen to Oh No Ross & Carrie through their website, through Maximum Fun, and on iTunes. Enjoy!

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