A Week of Yes

It’s spring break, friends! Can I get an amen?

We aren’t at the beach, we aren’t on a cruise. We aren’t across the country on a Rocky Mountain excursion. Those things would be nice, but we have summer plans and other plans, so spring break is simply that – a break. It’s a break from school and early bedtimes and formal meals. Ultimately it’s a break from routine, and there is no better way to break the routine than with a sleepover.

We have three extra boys in the house tonight. They played outside, ate junk food, played outside some more, and now they’re burning their eyeballs on electronics. The laughter is fantastic. I’m saying yes to ALL THE THINGS because that’s what a break is all about.

Playing outside


I forced them to bathe, but I’ve insisted upon precious little. Yes to cookies, yes to chips. Yes, you all can sleep in the living room.

Xbox time

Even without the sleepover, I’m saying yes to extras. I bought sugary breakfast cereal and let them have Sprite with their lunch. They can play Minecraft first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon. Fruity Cheerios before bed? Yes, yes, yes.

When poor attitudes materialize, all it takes is a gentle reminder that toilets always need cleaning, bedtimes can be restored, and electronics can be unplugged. Miraculously, they straighten right up.

This Week of Yes is important because our day-to-day life is fairly rigid when it comes to all the things I mentioned above. We don’t allow video games on school days or sleeping anywhere else but their beds. We eat mostly healthy and have dinner at the table each night as a family. Structure and boundaries are important, but so is letting loose.

Besides, after a few days of indulging like this, my boys self-regulate and put themselves to bed early, choose healthy snacks over sugar, and even tire of screen time. It’s a process I love to watch. We binge, then we retract.

Side note: I am currently stowed away in the bedroom watching election returns and listening to season two of the Serial Podcast. Thank goodness I made cookies today because self-medicating is a must.

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    1. Of course, we’ll need to talk about season one when you finish! Season two is good, but it feels more bias than I’d prefer. I’m only halfway through though.

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