Medal No. 14

I ran in the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon yesterday morning as part of a relay team, which is the first time I’ve ever run a race with partners. Usually running is my singular thing – no teamwork required, just me from start to finish. However, a few months ago I started asking my running friends if they’d be interested in running on a relay team. I had no idea what the logistics would be, but as long as a I got a medal, I figured it was worth it.

It was, by the way. It was totally worth it. Even though Chuck and Tracy’s husband had to taxi us to relay points, even though I had to run with my cell phone (which I never do) to stay in communication with my team, and even though I fretted over innumerable possibilities that would ensure relay failure, it was all worth it. In the end, it was just fine.

There we are crossing the finish line two by two – Tracy and me in front, Lesli and Hayley behind.

Approaching the finishline

The finish line is in Neyland Stadium, which is my favorite feature about this race. (I earned Medal No. 10 in this race four years ago.) The announcer calls out your name as you cross over and your finish moment is displayed on the Jumbotron. (Thanks for snapping the photo, babe.)

On the jumbotron

Our overall time was 5:09:30, which is a bit faster than when I ran a full marathon in 2008. The legs distances varied – 6.3, 6.5, 7.5 (my leg), and 5.9. Regardless of who ran which distance, we all got to cross the finish line together and enjoy the euphoria of getting medals placed around our necks. There is nothing like it.

Group photo in Neyland

Will I run another relay? Perhaps. I would run another relay with these ladies, for sure. If anything, I’m on the right track towards getting Medal No. 15.

Today is not that day

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